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your skin

the difference between adult acne and teen acne

how to get rid of blackheads

How to treat adult acne

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Enjoy rapid, visible results when you book this action-packed treatment.

what you need to know about cold weather and skin

Eliminate sensitivity and dehydration with these tips.

what are acne-causing ingredients?

Steer clear of these common triggers.

is my skin dry or dehydrated?

Learn what you have and how to treat it.

what is your biosensitivity score?

Take the quiz, reveal your number!

top causes behind dry skin

Is it your environment, or your lifestyle?

the importance of exfoliation

Bring healthy skin to the surface!

why are you breaking out?

The most common acne triggers - and how to avoid them.

anatomy of an ingrown hair

How it starts – and how to prevent it.

eight tips to shed the red

Put a stop to pesky redness in skin.

controlling oily shine

Go beyond the blotting papers with a “matte” kit!

winter skin tips

Tips to keep the cold out!

6 ways to prevent body acne

Follow these tips to keep skin clear all over.

8 tips & tricks for a better shave

Daily tips for a pain-free, close shave.

proper techniques for sensitized skin

Simple steps to keep flare-ups at bay.

myths about oily skin

Get the facts, and get skin under control.

is oil bad for my skin?

Dermalogica skin experts round up their top facial oils for healthy skin.

zap your teen’s breakouts fast

Learn how Clear Start™ can help.

am i too young for a skin care routine?

Find out why taking care of your skin now is important.

are fabric softeners triggering my breakouts?

Find out if your skin is getting worse overnight.

baby, you're a firework!

Don’t let breakouts get you down. Boost your confidence with these tips!

everything you know about spf is wrong

How to really keep your skin safe from sun damage.

be thankful for skin

Your skin is your largest organ. Are you treating it right?

what is hyaluronic acid?

Find out what Hyaluronic Acid is and why our skin needs it.

below zero skin care

Follow these cold-weather tips for healthier-looking skin.

how to get gum out of your hair

This skin care solution is the best way to lose the gum and save your hair!

can exfoliation help control oiliness?

Get the expert verdict.